Best Phoenix Drug Rehab

Stonewall Institute is the best drug rehab program in Phoenix.  We provide the finest quality treatment for substance abuse at a surprisingly affordable price.  We use evidence based treatment that is geared toward each individual’s issues with drug or alcohol use.  Whether you are dealing with alcohol abuse, heroin addiction, meth addiction, cocaine addiction, marijuana abuse, “designer” drug use or prescription medication abuse, call us to make an appointment for a complete clinical evaluation for drug or alcohol abuse at 602-535-6468 and check out our website at

Best Drug Treatment in Arizona

Stonewall Institute offers the best drug treatment program in Arizona.  The Intensive Outpatient Program offered by Stonewall Institute helps anyone struggling with issues of drug abuse or alcohol abuse, marijuana abuse, prescription medications abuse, cocaine addiction or meth addiction, and abuse of spice, bath salts or any of the newly manufactured designer drugs.  Our addiction counselors are well-versed in the issues brought about by substance abuse and we approach our clients where they are at the moment.  Our drug treatment program takes place in an upscale environment meant to develop individualized drug treatment that treats the client with respect.  Please visit our website at or call us today at 602-535-6468.

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Stonewall Institute in Phoenix can treat all addiction issues.  We are listed on Yelp.  Whether it’s heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, pill addiction, “designer” drug addiction, marijuana addiction or any other substance abuse problem, Stonewall Institute in Phoenix can treat it through the best alcohol and drug recovery program of its kind in the area.  Our drug counselors are highly trained and motivated to help you kick your habit and start a new life in sobriety.  Try our Intensive Outpatient Program for 8 weeks.  You don’t have to give up your job and other life commitments to get the best drug and alcohol treatment available.  Check out Stonewall Institute on Yelp and read what our clients are saying about our rehab program.  Then go to our website for information at and call us at 602-535-6468.