Substance Abuse Evaluation Arizona

Stonewall Institute of Arizona is an experienced outpatient clinic for substance abuse. Current trends in addiction issues show a troubling rise in the use of so called designer drugs such as “spice” or “bath salts.” These addictive and toxic drugs are often available over the counter and are often abused by teenagers. Like most narcotics, these designer drugs present significant physical and mental health risks. If you are concerned about your substance abuse or that someone you know might be using these designer drugs an affordable substance abuse evaluation is an excellent way to get some help facing this problem. Stonewall Institute proves substance abuse assessments and chemical dependency evaluations for all addictive and harmful drugs. Contact Stonewall today at 602.535.6468 or visit Stonewall on the web at

Substance Abuse Evaluation Arizona

Stonewall Institute provides friendly and effective substance abuse treatment. If you or someone you know might have an addiction problem Stonewall can provide an affordable alcohol and drug assessment to help you move forward. Seeking help for addiction issues or alcohol abuse does not have to be a stressful process. Stonewall offers substance abuse evaluations in a comfortable and supportive environment. Stonewall also offers treatment and counseling for a variety of addiction problems. Interested in alcohol counseling or drug counseling? Contact Stonewall today to set up an affordable substance abuse evaluation here in Arizona. Call Stonewall today at 602.535.6468 or visit the website

Substance Abuse Evaluation Arizona

Stonewall Institute offers industry leading addiction treatment services in Phoenix, Arizona. If you neeed a substance abuse evaluation or alcohol evaluation Stonewall offers affordable substance abuse assessments. Stonewall can help you complete a substance abuse evaluation whether it is for an employer, a court, or for personal reasons. Stonewall will make sure the process is as professional and supportive as possible for you. Stonewall can also provide a variety of addiction treatment and therapy for addiction issues. Contact Stonewall today at 602.535.6468 or on the web:

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Stonewall Institute in Phoenix can treat all addiction issues.  We are listed on Yelp.  Whether it’s heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, pill addiction, “designer” drug addiction, marijuana addiction or any other substance abuse problem, Stonewall Institute in Phoenix can treat it through the best alcohol and drug recovery program of its kind in the area.  Our drug counselors are highly trained and motivated to help you kick your habit and start a new life in sobriety.  Try our Intensive Outpatient Program for 8 weeks.  You don’t have to give up your job and other life commitments to get the best drug and alcohol treatment available.  Check out Stonewall Institute on Yelp and read what our clients are saying about our rehab program.  Then go to our website for information at and call us at 602-535-6468.

Drug Treatment Phoenix

The widespread availability of so called “designer” drugs such as bath salts, spice and other synthetic chemicals presents a significant health problem to our communities. These drugs have a high risk for abuse and are commonly used by teenagers struggling with substance abuse and addiction issues. These drugs are commonly available for sale in corner stores and “head shops” and are present the same dangers that heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and methamphetamine addiction present. Licensed drug counseling services and drug treatment programs are seeing an increasing amount of individuals suffering from drug abuse and chemical dependency related to these synthetic drug formulas. Drug treatment for bath salts and spice is the same as drug treatment for any other addictive substance. An Intensive Outpatient Program for drug abuse and drug addiction is a great option for those struggling with substance abuse. For more information on addiction treatment please contact Stonewall Institute at 602-535-6468 or visit Stonewall on the web at