How to Recognize a Heroin Addiction

A recent epidemic has been escalating in the United States involving many young teenagers and adults. For some time, heroin seemed to only be a problem revolving around lower class neighborhoods. However, in recent years, we’ve seen it shift to middle and upper-class areas.

Every day, we are seeing heroin creep into the lives of our families and friends. The problem isn’t just with teenagers and young adults. Men and women with children are just as susceptible to becoming addicted.

And with this escalation in opiate use, it’s important we make ourselves aware of what addiction looks like before it overcomes our loved ones. With the right knowledge, you might be able to stop an addiction before it’s too late.

The Birth of the Epidemic

Though opiate addiction isn’t a new epidemic, there are some ideas to how all this addiction grew in recent years. The United States is known to prescribe millions of medications annually to help with a variety of pains. But there’s one little pill that has caused more trouble than help.

OxyContin hit the market in the early 2000s and was labeled as the perfect pain medication. Before long, people were realizing how highly addictive the substance is. Besides OxyContin, a number of other opiate-based pain medication was being released to the public.

  • Lortab
  • Percocet
  • Vicodin
  • Hydrocodone

With the recent heroin epidemic, we are noticing that many of the individual’s addicted started using these sorts of substances.

Usually, an individual addicted to the above-mentioned drugs will search for something more powerful in order to get the feelings of opiate euphoria again. Either that or they can no longer obtain a prescription medication and turn to the streets for their fix.

The Signs of Heroin Addiction

In places like Arizona, there’s been not only a noticeable rise in those becoming addicted but also a threatening escalation in those overdosing. However, this epidemic is popping up all over the country. Specifically, the Northeast United States is getting it the worst.

Another apparent sign of the epidemic is that every year, less and less are being treated in rehabilitation facilities for alcohol and prescription medication. Rather, we are noticing an increase in those needing treatment for heroin addiction.

These statistics gives us a peek into what is happening with the drug epidemic in the United States. More and more seem to be jumping straight to heroin, especially in the younger generations. The concern lies in these young people’s education on not only the fatality of such a substance, but it’s highly addictive nature.

The clues to whether a loved one is using or not are fairly straightforward. If you’re curious as to whether your loved one is using heroin, answer the following questions.

  • Did he/she undergo a sudden and drastic change in behavior that’s led him/her to seem withdrawn from society and/or family and friends?
  • Has he/she spent more time alone recently rather than going out?
  • Does he/she avoid seeking out new crowds to hang out with?
  • Has there been a sudden loss of weight and/or appetite in him/her?

There’s also the question of whether marks are appearing on their skin (preferably, in places where veins are easily accessible). However, it cannot be forgotten that heroin can be snorted and smoked.

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