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Stonewall Institute in Phoenix provides the best and most secure internet based dui services in Arizona.  Our dui alcohol and drug awareness class is the easiest way to complete your dui court requirement.  We also provide online dui screenings for MVD so you can get your restricted license as soon as your license suspension is up.  We electronically file directly with MVD so no time is lost.  We even provide online dui treatment if your dui conviction has been designated a Level I DUI.  We are HIPAA compliant.  Call us today to make an appointment for an online dui screening, enroll in our affordable online dui class and/or online dui treatment at 602-535-6468 or email us at  Or check out our website at

DUI Evaluation Tempe

Because of the numbing of bodily sensations and the inability to act rationally when inebriated, many alcohol dependent individuals still fail to drink the water their body needs—often interpreting thirst as the need for another alcoholic beverage. If the signs of alcohol related dehydration continue to be ignored, alcohol dependent individuals can experience dehydration that requires hospitalization in order to treat.

In some cases, alcohol related dehydration can lead to overheating and death. Other possible consequences include the increased potential for driving under the influence.   Fortunately, many inpatient alcohol recovery centers will ensure that alcohol dependent individuals receive adequate hydration as part of their physical recovery process.  For additional services, to schedule a DUI-Related Substance Abuse Evaluation, contact Stonewall Institute at 602-535-6468

DUI Substance Abuse Evaluation Phoenix

Stonewall Institute offers DUI evaluation services Phoenix in order for individuals to be considered for the reinstatement of driving privileges in the state of Arizona.  Below you will find a break down of the Arizona law for drunk driving should you find yourself facing a DUI conviction.

First Drunk Driving Conviction

  • DUI Base Fine = $250
  • Arizona DUI Surcharge = $200
  • Probation Surcharge = $10
  • Prison Construction Assessment = $500
  • Arizona Xtra DUI Assessment = $500
  • Jail – Minimum 24 Hours up to 10 Days
  • License Suspension – From 90-360 Days
  • Ignition Interlock Device – Court May Order Installation of Ignition Interlock Device at the expense of the Convicted DUI Offender.

State law also requires all persons who seek the reinstatement of Arizona driving privileges following an alcohol or drug-related revocation to provide the Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) with a current substance abuse evaluation.

To schedule an appointment today to meet with a counselor regarding a DUI Substance Abuse Evaluation Phoenix, contact the Stonewall Institute at 602-535-6468.