AZ Alcohol Screening

An Arizona alcohol screening is required to get an Arizona restricted license after the 30 day license suspension as a result of an Arizona DUI. The DUI screening is not a class. It is a brief alcohol and drug evaluation. The face-to-face screening determines how many DUI classes you would need to take if you are convicted of an AZ DUI. Now you can complete an Arizona DUI screening online and onsite.

Arizona MVD Required Alcohol Screening

If you’ve been stopped for an Arizona DUI and you are suffering an AZ driver’s license suspension, you can get an AZ restricted driver’s license with the completion of an alcohol screening. This AZ court-accepted DUI screening can be done on-site or get an Arizona screening online.

Take All Arizona DUI Classes Online

You’ve gotten an Arizona DUI. You need to take DUI classes online but don’t know where to start. We have the best online DUI classes. And we are an ADOT approved DUI online provider. All AZ online DUI classes are accepted by Arizona courts.

MVD Screening AZ

Get an Arizona MVD alcohol screening online or at our Phoenix location to apply for an AZ restricted driver’s license. Don’t let your Arizona DUI keep you from driving. We have the best Arizona DUI screenings. Our AZ alcohol and drug screenings are also accepted as Arizona court ordered screenings.

Best Arizona Alcohol Screening

When you are stopped for an Arizona DUI, you get a suspended driver’s license. You can get an Arizona restricted driver’s license after 30 days by completing an alcohol screening. DUI court also requires a DUI screening. Now you can get this brief drug and alcohol evaluation at our Phoenix office or you can complete a drug and alcohol screening online.

DUI Screening for Arizona MVD

When you’ve gotten an Arizona DUI, you need to get a DUI screening for AZ MVD so you can get a restricted driver’s license and get to work or school. We offer the best AZ alcohol screenings the most convenient because we offer DUI screenings online or AZ DUI screenings at our conveniently located Phoenix offices. Don’t wait to make your appointment.

Best Alcohol Screening Arizona

Getting an Arizona DUI means you have Arizona DUI court requirements and Arizona MVD DUI requirements. The first requirement is completing an AZ MVD alcohol screening. This is a brief evaluation that determines how many DUI class hours you will need to complete if you are convicted of a DUI in Arizona. We offer the most nonjudgmental DUI screenings in Arizona. And you get the option of coming to our convenient Phoenix offices or get your DUI screening online.

AZ Online DUI Classes

You can complete all of your court-ordered DUI classes online at your own pace. That means if you get an Arizona DUI, you don’t have to go anywhere to attend DUI education classes or even DUI Treatment. You can take our online AZ DUI class and online AZ DUI Treatment anytime you want. We are the best licensed online Arizona DUI school.

Scottsdale DUI Class on Computer

Stonewall Institute has put its renowned DUI class online.  If you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Scottsdale, now you can take your Scottsdale DUI court-required dui alcohol education class on computer.  If you’ve gotten an Arizona DUI and want to take your DUI education class in Scottsdale, why not take the best DUI alcohol and drug awareness class online?  This is the most convenient way to complete your court mandated DUI 16 hour requirement.  Call us today to enroll in our convenient online DUI class at 602-535-6468 or email us at  Or check out our website at

Affordable Online DUI Class Phoenix

Stonewall Institute in Phoenix has posted an affordable online Arizona DUI education class that is accepted by all Arizona dui courts.  If you have an Arizona dui and are court ordered to a 16 hour dui education class, you can take the dui alcohol and drug education class online at your own pace from your own computer.  Don’t be fooled by other websites.  The dui class must be taken from an online dui provider licensed by AZ Department of Health Services and be an approved dui provider through the AZ MVD.  Call us to enroll in our affordable online dui class today at 602-535-6468 or email us at  For more information, visit our website at