FTM Transgender Courtney Penniman

Courtney Penniman has transitioned from female to male in February 2012 after a long struggle with gender incongruency. He consulted with many of his friends in the Phoenix LGBTQ community and found a lot of support from other transgenders in the Phoenix area. He has been comfortably living as a trans male and continues to support others with the same struggles.

Courtney Penniman Transgender Male

Courtney Penniman is an Arizona transgender male who transitioned from female to male in February 2012. Many people struggle with gender dysphoria, as did Courtney. Studies estimate that approximately 1% of the world’s population is transsexual, but the data is truly inconclusive since many transgenders are not public about their gender transition. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype about transgender people since Gender Identity Disorder is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-4th Edition (DSM-IV), a guide used by mental health professionals to diagnose psychological conditions. However, it is hoped that with the campaign for civil rights for LGBT people, it will be more acceptable to freely express our genders, wear clothing we are comfortable in, and, for some, make a physical transition from one gender to another.