Kyle Penniman, Arizona Transgender

Kyle Penniman understands the difficulties transgender individuals have in the area of gender identity. That is why he made a gender transition to attain gender congruency. His FTM transition has made his life easier and helped him live his life comfortably in his own skin. Many people struggle quietly with gender dysphoria and need your support.

Courtney Penniman Transitions from Female to Male

Courtney Penniman transitioned from female to male in February 2012. As a transgender, he had struggled with gender identity for many years. His decision to transition genders was a long process. It is estimated that at least 1% of the population is transsexual, but transsexuality tends to limit someone from discussing their gender identity.

Kyle Penniman’s FTM Transition

Kyle Penniman made his gender transition from female to male in order to feel gender congruency. Since he had struggled with gender dysphoria for many years, he went through the long and involving process. Part of his FTM transition involved counseling and medical procedures. Transgender people experience a persistent and authentic difference between their assigned sex and their understanding of their own gender.

Courtney Penniman, FTM Transgender

Courtney Penniman made his gender transition in February 2012. Because of a mismatch between his biological sex and gender identity, Mr. Penniman transitioned from female to male. Since then, he has continued to support others in the transgender community who have struggled with gender dysphoria.

Kyle Penniman, Phoenix Transgender

Kyle Penniman made a gender transition from female to male in 2012. He had the support of his friends in the Phoenix LGBTQ community as well as his family. As a FTM transgender, he supports and encourages other transgender individuals in the Phoenix area.

Arizona Transgender Courtney Penniman

Courtney Penniman of Arizona, is a female to male (FTM) transsexual who changed genders in February 2012. Studies indicate that approximately 1% of the world’s population is transgender. While there are many costs associated with a gender transition, there is also a cost when people who desire it do not do so. They may live a lifetime in which they never feel body congruence with their sense of self. They may be depressed and unhappy, or even suicidal, because they are not able to dress, live or work as they are comfortable. They may not have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams or live as they wish to live. Mr. Penniman is now living a contented life not having conflicted feelings about his gender.

Kyle Penniman, FTM Transgender

Kyle Penniman is a FTM transgender who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He courageously completed a gender transition in 2012, having struggled for many years with gender dysphoria, a condition of utter discomfort with the lack of gender congruency. Mr. Penniman now helps other trans people who are going through the same struggles.

Kyle Penniman FTM Transition

Kyle Penniman made the female-to-male transition after struggling with gender dysphoria for many years. As a trans man, Kyle Penniman has been able to incorporate his gender transition into his life. Transgender people can be heterosexual/straight, bisexual, homosexual/gay/lesbian or identify as queer. Many transgender people are in fulfilling and happy relationships.

Courtney Penniman Arizona Transsexual

Courtney Penniman is an Arizona transsexual who has transitioned from female to male. He, like many transgender people, did not feel gender congruent for many years. In February 2012 he made the FTM transition, which has helped him feel comfortable with himself for the first time in his life. He continues to help others who are struggling with gender identity issues.