Affordable Help for Marijuana Abuse Arizona

Stonewall Institute knows that marijuana abuse is no laughing matter.  If you feel that your marijuana use has taken over your life, you know that you need help to kick the habit of smoking weed.  Now you can join our Intensive Outpatient Program and learn new ways to cope while living a life free of smoking weed.  Regain your strength and motivation to do things.  With our IOP, you can still keep your life commitments and be able to address issues that affect sobriety as they occur.  Our marijuana abuse treatment program focuses on the individual.  We are surprisingly affordable.  And this IOP accepts major insurance plans.  Call to make an appointment for a complete clinical evaluation for marijuana abuse at 602-535-6468 and check out our website at

Stonewall Institute-CitySearch

Stonewall Institute in Phoenix is listed on CitySearch.  If you think there is no way you could be addicted to marijuana, why can’t you get out of bed?  How active have you been lately?  If you feel that your marijuana use has slowed your life to a crawl, check out marijuana counseling at Stonewall Institute in Phoenix.  This is a low-cost substance abuse treatment program that will get you back in the game.  No need to give up your job.  This is an evening outpatient program that meets 3 times a week for 8 weeks.  Read about us on City Search.  Check out our website at or call us for information and to enroll at 602-535-6468.