Best Arizona Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Stonewall Institute is located in Phoenix, where it offers the best alcohol and drug treatment available. Designed by Clinical Director Kyle Penniman, LISAC, its Intensive Outpatient Program has been helping people struggling with alcohol abuse or chemical dependency utilizing a holistic, evidence-based approach. The IOP accepts major insurance plans and also offers convenient payment plans for those without coverage. Call today.

Drug Treatment Arizona

Stonewall Institute in Phoenix can help you with your chemical dependency issues in an upscale environment that’s the most affordable drug treatment program the Arizona area.  Drug abuse and alcohol abuse affects the abuser and their loved ones.  Our Intensive Outpatient Program for chemical dependency and substance abuse treats the addict’s and the family’s issues.  For more information on drug treatment in Arizona, contact Stonewall Institute directly in Phoenix at 602-535-6468 or visit our website at

Drug Treatment Arizona

Stonewall Institute offers an affordable Intensive Outpatient Program for people who are struggling with chemical dependency and want help.  Our drug treatment in Arizona is held in an upscale office environment where experienced drug counselors focus on the individual’s needs.  Whether it’s help with heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, crystal meth addiction, marijuana addiction, prescription drug addiction or alcohol addiction, we can provide a treatment to fit your needs.  Drug treatment in Arizona has never been more accessible or more affordable.  Now is the time to start your recovery by calling Stonewall Institute offices in Phoenix, Arizona at 602-535-6468 or visiting our website at

Drug Treatment Phoenix

Stonewall Institute of Phoenix, Arizona offers evidence based drug and alcohol treatment in a comfortable and supportive environment. Going to “treatment” does not mean you have to be away from family, friends, and work. Stonewall offers an Intensive Outpatient Program, also know as “IOP,” for chemical dependency and substance abuse issues. Stonewall addiction treatment program allows you to receive effective treatment while still maintaing you daily life. Contact Stonewall today 602.535.6468 for more information or visit Stonewall on the web

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Stonewall Institute in Phoenix is listed on Yelp.  If you think you might have a prescription pills addiction, an alcohol problem, or are dealing with chemical dependency of any kind, you can look on Yelp for Stonewall Institute, where chemical dependency counseling with a heart is available in a low-cost rehab.  Here you will find the best substance abuse program in Phoenix taking place in an upscale environment.  Our Intensive Outpatient Program gives you the coping tools you need to live a sober life.  Visit our website at and call us at 602-535.6468.

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Stonewall Institute in Phoenix.  Designer drug abuse is rampant today among our young people.  Bath salts abuse, spice abuse, salvia abuse, along with methamphetamine abuse or crystal meth abuse need to be addressed.  If you are looking on Yelp for a low cost drug abuse program, look no further than Stonewall Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program.  On Yelp you can read comments from our satisfied clients.  This program addresses all issues of drug abuse and chemical dependency.  Check out our website at or call 602-535-6468

Counselor Scottsdale Arizona

Stonewall Institute provides mental health counseling services for people who are struggling with depression, trauma, anxiety, and more severe mental health issues. We also provide Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, to our clients as well.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a system of therapy originally developed to treat persons with borderline personality disorder (BPD) by Marsha M. Linehan, a psychology researcher at the University of Washington.  DBT combines standard cognitive-behavioral techniques for emotion regulation and reality-testing with concepts of distress tolerance, acceptance, and mindful awareness largely derived from Buddhist meditative practice. DBT is the first therapy that has been experimentally demonstrated to be effective for treating BPD. Research indicates that DBT is also effective in treating patients who present varied symptoms and behaviors associated with spectrum mood disorders, including self-injury.  Recent work suggests its effectiveness with sexual abuse survivors  and chemical dependency.

If you are interested in Stonewall Institute‘s counselor scottsdale arizona services or dialectical behavior therapy, contact us today at 602-535-6468.