Alcohol Screening Arizona

When you are stopped for a DUI in Arizona, the Arizona MVD imposes a 90-day driver’s license suspension. After the first 30 days, you can apply for an AZ restricted driver’s license if you have completed an MVD alcohol screening. This is a brief drug and alcohol evaluation that determines how many DUI classes you will need to take if you are convicted of an Arizona DUI. Arizona DUI courts also require a DUI screening, so why not get your screening at Arizona’s best DUI provider? We offer online DUI screenings as well as on-site.

Scottsdale MVD Screening

A Scottsdale DUI means you need a MVD alcohol screening to apply for an Arizona restricted driver’s license. Arizona DUI courts also require a DUI screening. Now you can get a Scottsdale alcohol screening that is accepted by both the Arizona MVD and all Arizona DUI courts. Your screening completion is electronically and immediately filed with Arizona’s MVD. You will also receive all documentation proving you completed your screening for the Scottsdale DUI court. We offer face-to-face DUI screenings in our offices and we offer alcohol screenings online.

MVD Screening Scottsdale

If you got a Scottsdale DUI, you’ll want to get your Arizona restricted license as soon as possible. The best MVD screenings Scottsdale are available with two options: you can complete a Scottsdale alcohol screening online, or come to our conveniently located office. All Scottsdale DUI screenings must be face to face. We will file your screening completion form electronically with Arizona MVD while you wait.

DUI Screening for AZ MVD

You’ve been stopped for Driving Under the Influence in Arizona. Your AZ driving license has been suspended for 90 days by the Arizona MVD. But if you get an alcohol screening, you can apply for an AZ restricted driver’s license after waiting only 30 days. We make it easy to get a DUI screening because you can come into our convenient Phoenix office, or you can complete your AZ DUI screening online. All you need is a webcam and a high-speed internet connection. Call today for an appoinitment.

Best Alcohol Screening Arizona

Alcohol Screening Arizona provides the best Arizona alcohol screenings. What is an alcohol screening? It is not a class. It is a brief alcohol and drug use evaluation required by Arizona MVD for a restricted driver’s license after someone has been stopped for a DUI. Call Alcohol Screening Arizona for an appointment today at 602-535-6468. For more information, check out our website at

Face to Face Alcohol Screening Arizona

Alcohol Screening Arizona offers face to face alcohol screenings for anyone stopped for a DUI. We are a state licensed DUI agency offering DUI screenings for Arizona MVD so you can apply for a restricted driver’s license after completion of the MVD required screening. We also provide screening completion documents for court. Call Alcohol Screening Arizona for an appointment today at 602-535-6468. For more information, check out our website at

Scottsdale, Arizona Alcohol Screening

Stonewall Institute is an Arizona licensed DUI agency providing Scottsdale alcohol screenings for anyone who has been stopped for drinking and driving in Scottsdale. If you have been stopped for a DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona MVD requires you to get a DUI screening completed before applying for a restricted driver’s license. We provide results of this brief alcohol evaluation to MVD electronically, so they are notified immediately. You don’t have to wait even a day longer. Call today for an appointment at Stonewall Institute at 602-535-6468 today and check out our website at

Complete Online DUI Services in Arizona

Stonewall Institute is the best online DUI services provider in Arizona.  If you’ve been stopped for a dui, Arizona MVD will require you to get a dui screening (a short alcohol and drug evaluation) in order to get a restricted license to drive.  If you are court-ordered to take a dui education class, we have the best online alcohol and drug education class accepted by Arizona dui courts.  If you’ve been convicted of a Level I DUI, you will likely be court-assigned more than 16 hours of dui education.  The remaining hours can be fulfilled in our dui treatment group online.  All of our online dui services are affordable and convenient.  To schedule a dui screening online or to enroll in our online dui education class or online dui treatment group, call today at 602-535-6468 or email at  You can also check out their website at

DUI Drug and Alcohol Class Online Phoenix

Stonewall Institute solves the problem of how someone with a dui can fulfill all of their requirements if they can’t drive by offering their drug and alcohol class online.  This is the same dui education class in Phoenix that has received resoundingly positive feedback over the years.  We are experts on all Arizona dui requirements and have years of experience dealing with dui courts and Arizona MVD.  Why use a nationwide website that may not be up to date on Arizona’s dui regulations?   Our online dui alcohol and drug awareness curriculum is approved by all Arizona dui courts and ADOT.  Call today to enroll at 602-535-6468 or email at  For more information, visit the website at

Complete DUI Services Online Phoenix

Stonewall Institute in Phoenix is one of the first fully licensed Arizona DUI services providers to offer all dui services online.  That means that if you need to get a DUI evaluation (also called a dui screening) in order to apply with Arizona MVD for a restricted driver’s license, you can now get your dui screening online from your own computer.  We file directly and immediately with MVD, so there is no waiting.  If you have been court-ordered to take a DUI alcohol and drug awareness class, you can take our dui education class online at your own convenience.  Stonewall is also one of a very few Arizona licensed dui providers to offer DUI treatment group online  To find out more about all of our online dui services, call 602-535-6468 or email us at  You can also visit our website at