Drug Rehab Phoenix

Stonewall Institute offers a highly successful alcohol counseling program in the Phoenix area.  Our alcohol treatment and drug treatment program addresses relapse prevention and coping skills.  In our intensive outpatient program (IOP), every client is treated as an individual.  We accept most major insurance plans and also offer convenient payment programs.  For more information, visit the website at www.stonewallinstitute.com; then call us at 602-535-6468.

Arizona’s Best Alcohol Counselor: Kyle Penniman

Kyle Penniman is Arizona’s best licensed alcohol counselor providing alcohol treatment at Stonewall Institute Phoenix. Kyle Penniman, MSW LISAC provides comprehensive alcohol use evaluations to help determine whether or not an individual needs treatment for alcohol abuse. To make an appointment, call Kyle Penniman at 602-535-6468 or visit the website at www.stonewallinstitute.com

Best Arizona Alcohol Rehab

Stonewall Institute is the best alcohol rehab in Arizona.  If you are looking for help for a drinking problem for yourself or a loved one, look no further.  We offer the most evidence-based alcohol treatment program in Arizona.  And our alcohol treatment is surprisingly affordable.  Stonewall Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program for treatment of alcohol abuse focuses on the individual.  The beauty of an outpatient program is that issues that affect sobriety are dealt with as they occur.  You are not hidden safely from your life stressors, but get to learn how to deal with them.  And our relapse prevention program is second to none.  Our IOP accepts major insurance and offers convenient payment plans.  If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse, call us today at 602-535-6468.  We are here to answer your questions.  You can also check out our website at www.stonewallinstitute.com.

Stonewall Institute-Yelp

Stonewall Institute in Phoenix is on Yelp Alcoholism is a disease that needs treatment.  Alcohol treatment is available in an outpatient environment at Stonewall Institute in Phoenix.  You will find caring alcohol counselors who will treat you with respect.  Though this is the best low-cost alcohol treatment program in Phoenix, it is held in an upscale environment where alcohol counseling is provided through group sessions three times a week.  Consistency is everything.  Read what our clients have experienced on Yelp and then look at our website: www.stonewallinstitute.com.  Then call us at 602-535-6468.

Drug Rehab Arizona

Stonewall Institute is an outpatient substance abuse facility located in Phoenix, Arizona with a primary focus in delivering exceptional drug rehab and alcohol rehab.  The foundation of our clinical work is unconditional positive regard for the people we serve designed to inspire hope and renewed self-worth for our clients. We are a licensed Arizona Drug Rehab providing outpatient services for addiction and co-occurring issues. We provide alcohol treatment, drug treatment, meth treatment, cocaine treatment, marijuana treatment, heroin treatment, pill addiction treatment. For more information about Stonewall Institute, visit us online at www.stonewallinstitute.com or call 602-535-6468.

Drug Treatment Phoenix Arizona

At Stonewall Institute, we know that overcoming substance use issues can be challenging. Finding a good drug rehab in Arizona, can also be challenging. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services for those in need of drug counseling, alcohol counseling, drug treatment, and alcohol treatment. For more information, visit us online at www.stonewallinstitute.com or contact us in Phoenix, Arizona at 602-535-6468