DUI Substance Abuse Evaluation Tempe

A question that has been raised by numerous individuals is the following: why can some people drink alcohol without experiencing any major difficulties, negative alcohol-related outcomes, or drinking problems while others cannot? One answer to this question involves genetic make-up. More specifically, substance abuse researchers have found that having an alcoholic family member increases the risk of developing alcoholism.

In fact, alcohol info and research show that there may be a genetic predisposition for certain individuals to become dependent on alcohol. In addition, alcoholism scientists have discovered that different environmental factors can interact with one’s genetics, the result of which is a complex system of dynamic variables that can lead to alcoholism or to the abuse of alcohol.

Examples of these environment factors include an individual’s family and friends, an individual’s culture, the relative ease of getting alcohol, where and how an individual lives, and peer influence.
Drunk driving and alcoholism statistics and relevant alcohol info report that alcohol-involved crashes accounted for 10 percent of property-damage-only crash costs, 21 percent of nonfatal injury crashes and 46 percent of fatal injury crash costs.

Stonewall Institute offers DUI evaluation services in order for individuals to be considered for the reinstatement of driving privileges in the state of Arizona. State law requires all persons who seek the reinstatement of Arizona driving privileges following an alcohol or drug-related revocation to provide the Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) with a current substance abuse evaluation. The evaluation is required as part of the Revocation Investigation packet administered by the Arizona MVD.

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