Phoenix Trans Male Courtney Penniman

Courtney Penniman is an Arizona transgender male identifying as a male since February 2012. This gender transition is a result of a long history of experiencing a persistent and authentic difference between his assigned sex and his understanding of his own gender. This gender incongruency is called gender dysphoria, which is estimated to affect at least 1% of the population. Since his transition from female to male, he has become more accepting of his gender.

Arizona Female to Male Transsexual Courtney Penniman

Courtney Penniman transitioned from female to male in February 2012. As a trans person, he has struggled with gender identity for many years. His decision to transition genders was a long process. It is estimated that at least 1% of the population is transsexual, but transsexuality tends to limit someone from discussing their gender.

Courtney Penniman Arizona Gender Transition

Courtney Penniman transitioned from female to male in Arizona in 2012. Since he had struggled with gender dysphoria for many years, he went through the long and involving process of gender transition and is now known as Kyle Penniman. Part of his FTM transition involved counseling and medical procedures to attain gender congruency, as transgender people experience a persistent and authentic difference between their assigned sex and their understanding of their own gender.

Courtney Penniman Transgender Male

Courtney Penniman of Phoenix, Arizona transitioned from female to male on February 17, 2012. Penniman struggled with gender dysphoria since childhood and made the decision to transition with the support of friends in the Phoenix Gay Community.  He notes that there is a difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. Gender identity refers to the way you understand yourself and your gender.  It is about the internal sense of masculinity or femininity that a person feels. Sexual orientation is our attraction to someone else of the same or different gender or both. It refers to the kinds of relationships that you have with others. Transgender people can be heterosexual/straight, bisexual, homosexual/gay/lesbian.