Courtney Penniman Makes Gender Transition

Courtney Penniman made a gender transition from female to male. He has gone through the long and involving process of transitioning genders and is now known as Kyle Penniman. Part of his FTM transition involved counseling and medical procedures to attain gender congruency, as transgender people experience a persistent and authentic difference between their assigned sex and their understanding of their own gender.

Transgender Male Courtney Penniman

Courtney Penniman of Arizona, is a transgender male, transitioning genders in February 2012 after struggling with gender dysphoria since childhood. It is estimated that approximately 1% of the world’s population is transsexual, but there is no way to verify this number as most trans people do not make public their gender transition due to the social costs to transitioning. Because discrimination is widespread, transsexuals face a great deal of prejudice.