Best Addiction Treatment Program Arizona

Stonewall Institute knows that addiction is a disease.  As such, we have a genuinely nonjudgmental approach to recovery from any kind of drug or alcohol addiction.  We offer counseling for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, which are common among those with an addiction problem.  Stonewall provides a supportive and affordable drug rehab program which does not necessarily require inpatient services or hospitalization.  Our Intensive Outpatient Program takes place in an upscale office environment without that “institutional” vibe.  Yet, we are surprisingly affordable, accept most major insurance plans, and offer flexible payment plans as well.  For more information, check out the website at and call us at 602-535-6468.

Drug Rehab Phoenix, AZ

Stonewall Institute of Arizona offers treatment and counseling for substance abuse and co-occuring disorders. Stonewall is Phoenix’s premier provider for outpatient rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. If you or someone you know is looking for help with an addiction problem or an alcohol and drug rehab Stonewall provides an affordable and supportive addiction treatment program. Substance abuse treatment or “drug rehab” does not necessarily require inpatient service or hospitalization. Stonewalls offers an Intensive Outpatient Program or “IOP” for susbtance abuse issues. Contact Stonewall today at 602.535.6468 or visit Stonewall online at