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If you are not able to drive due to an AZ DUI license suspension, you can get a restricted driver’s license to go to work, school or treatment by completing an MVD-required screening. An Arizona alcohol screening will determine how many DUI class hours you will need to take if you are convicted of an Arizona DUI. Now you can get an alcohol screening online as well as onsite.

AZ Alcohol Screening

An Arizona alcohol screening is required to get an Arizona restricted license after the 30 day license suspension as a result of an Arizona DUI. The DUI screening is not a class. It is a brief alcohol and drug evaluation. The face-to-face screening determines how many DUI classes you would need to take if you are convicted of an AZ DUI. Now you can complete an Arizona DUI screening online and onsite.

MVD Alcohol Screening AZ

An Arizona MVD required screening is necessary to get an AZ restricted license. This brief alcohol and drug evaluation is also an AZ court approved screening. Get your face-to-face DUI screening online or come in to our Phoenix office for your Arizona alcohol screening.

Alcohol Screening Phoenix

Stonewall Institute is licensed by The State of Arizona, Department of Behavioral Health Services as an approved DUI service agency under ARS 28-692 and a behavioral health service agency, outpatient clinic. Stonewall Institute provides complete drug screenings and alcohol screenings to court ordered DUI individuals as required by the Arizona MVD / Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and any other person in need of a substance abuse evaluation.

Alcohol addiction — physical dependence on alcohol — occurs gradually. Over time, drinking too much changes the balance of chemicals in your brain associated with the pleasurable aspects of drinking alcohol. Excessive, long-term drinking can affect the balance of these chemicals, causing your body to crave alcohol to restore good feelings or to avoid negative feelings.

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