DUI Evaluation Tempe

In Arizona, you can be arrested for a Arizona DUI offense based on two laws. First, if your driving is impaired based on your driving pattern and there is any alcohol in your system, you could be convicted of a DUI. Arizona also has a per se law that states that drivers who have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher are guilty of driving under the influence. The test has to be performed within two hours of the arrest to be valid.

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DUI Evaluation Scottsdale

Use of alcohol or drugs may be experimental.  However habitual use may  have “Adverse consequences”.  Alcohol-related problems or impairments such  as: physical health (e.g., alcohol withdrawal syndromes, liver disease, gastritis, anemia, neurological disorders); psychological functioning (e.g., impairments in cognition, changes in mood and behavior); interpersonal functioning (e.g., marital problems and child abuse, impaired social relationships); occupational functioning (e.g., scholastic or job problems); and legal, financial, or spiritual problems. 

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