Best Alcohol Counseling Arizona

Stonewall Institute offers the best counseling for alcohol abuse Arizona.  We know that there are many alcohol treatment programs in Arizona.  Some Arizona alcohol treatment involves going away to an expensive Arizona residential alcohol treatment center for 28 days.  Studies show that 28 days is not enough after months or years of alcohol abuse.  Our alcohol counseling program allows anyone struggling with alcohol abuse or who has just finished a residential alcohol treatment program to continue their life commitments while getting the support and counseling for issues of alcohol abuse.  The Intensive Outpatient Program at Stonewall Institute provides alcohol counselors who are highly trained in the field of addiction.  And because this is an IOP, issues that come up in real life situations are dealt with immediately.  Our relapse prevention program and aftercare treatment for alcohol abuse is just what you or your loved one needs if staying sober is a daily struggle.  Call us today at 602-535-6468 and visit our website at

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Arizona

Stonewall Institute offers Arizona’s best alcohol abuse treatment program available.  Sometimes we don’t know when our alcohol use became alcohol abuse.  Perhaps you’ve suffered some life consequence due to drinking too much.  We are here to help you understand what triggers your need to drink and what coping tools you need to curb drinkingRecovery from alcohol abuse is achievable.  Let our alcohol counselors guide you into a life of sobriety.   To make an appointment for a complete clinical evaluation for alcohol abuse, visit our website at and call us for an appointment at 602-535-6468.

Arizona Counselor for Alcohol Abuse

Stonewall Institute has the best alcohol abuse counseling program in Arizona.  Our alcohol counselors are highly trained and offer help in a non-judgmental environment.  If you think you have a drinking problem, you will find help here.  We meet our clients at whatever stage they are in.  We do not treat everyone the same.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a 12-step recovery program or not, we can help.  Let us show you how different our Intensive Outpatient Program for alcohol abuse really is.  Call us today at 602-535-6468 or check out our website at

Best Alcohol Abuse Counseling Arizona

Stonewall Institute has the best alcohol abuse counseling in Arizona.  The reason we can say that is because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from our clients.  Our alcohol treatment program takes place in an upscale environment – no institutional feel here.  Alcohol counselors are highly trained to offer empathic and nonjudgmental help.  Most people try to quit drinking on their own, but studies have shown that those who give up drinking with support are more successful..  Let us support your recovery.  Call us today at 602-535-6468 or check out our website at

Alcohol Counseling Arizona

Stonewall Institute offers unique alcohol abuse counseling in our highly rated Intensive Outpatient Program.  Our alcohol counselors understand the difficulties you face and are trained to offer completely open and nonjudgmental alcohol counseling.  Our program allows you to have the freedom to continue school or work without giving up the help and support you need.  If you are looking for a great aftercare program or just want some extra help with relapse prevention,  call us today at 602-535-6468 or check out our website at

Arizona MVD-Approved DUI Screening Now Online

Stonewall Institute has been approved to offer online dui screenings.  A dui screening is a short interview that helps determine how many hours you would need to fulfill IF convicted of a dui.  Our alcohol counselors are known for their adherence to criteria set by the OBHL to ascertain in a fair way how many hours would benefit someone who has been convicted of a dui.  The Arizona MVD requires a screening before you are allowed to apply for a restricted license.  Now you can get your face-to-face screening on your computer.  And we file directly via the internet with the MVD.   To make an appointment, call 602-535-6468 or email us at  For more information, visit our website at

Get an Online Alcohol Screening For Arizona DUI

Stonewall Institute is Arizona’s premier provider of DUI services.  Licensed to provide all DUI services, we now offer alcohol screenings online.  From the convenience of your home or workplace, you can complete your face-to-face alcohol screening interview utilizing our secure and HIPAA compliant internet technology.  Our alcohol counselors follow strict guidelines set forth by Arizona Office of Behavioral Health Licensing.  At the conclusion of your DUI screening, we file electronically with the Arizona MVD to assure your application for a restricted driver’s license.  To make an appointment, call today at 602-535-6468 or email at  For more information, visit the website at

Stonewall Institute-Yelp

Stonewall Institute in Phoenix is on Yelp Alcoholism is a disease that needs treatment.  Alcohol treatment is available in an outpatient environment at Stonewall Institute in Phoenix.  You will find caring alcohol counselors who will treat you with respect.  Though this is the best low-cost alcohol treatment program in Phoenix, it is held in an upscale environment where alcohol counseling is provided through group sessions three times a week.  Consistency is everything.  Read what our clients have experienced on Yelp and then look at our website:  Then call us at 602-535-6468.